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Happy New Year

The design started with a very simple idea, and with help from some close friends, I have completed a somewhat comprehensive design in a surprisingly short amount of time. I have some hesitations as well as some shining pride for this design. Some of my ideas for this design are discussed in the design section, as well as some explanation of how it works. Please take the time to review what I ahve written so that you can use this design to its fullest potential in your website.

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An introduction to annonymous

This is where I like to spout random stuff that most people don’t really care about anyway. I already know that what I say doesn’t matter to the mass population. I still write my daily musings for one reason, and one reason alone: The lone soul who visits my page and gets every single one of my jokes. This person is mysterious and indescribable. He has a sense of humor that most people question whether he is a serial murderer or just retarded. He is neither! He is actually an undiscovered genius!

If your IP shows up in my logs frequently, as if you are enjoying what I post here, I will make sure to forward an application to MENSA to you. Good luck!

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